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We provide high-quality epoxy flooring services to enhance your home's beauty, durability, and value. Our experienced installers ensure a professional finish every time.
  • Epoxy Flooring for Gunderson & Ranieri Remodeling & Rentals in Columbia,  SC
  • Epoxy Flooring for Gunderson & Ranieri Remodeling & Rentals in Columbia,  SC
  • Epoxy Flooring for Gunderson & Ranieri Remodeling & Rentals in Columbia,  SC

When you need a reliable and long-lasting flooring solution for your home or business, epoxy flooring is an excellent choice. Epoxy creates a waterproof barrier against moisture and other elements, making it ideal for areas that are prone to spills and moisture damage. It also resists wear and tear better than other types of flooring, such as tile or carpet. Not only is it durable, but epoxy looks great too! Its smooth glossy finish enhances the look of any space while also being easy to maintain.

Epoxy flooring provides superior protection against abrasions and impacts compared to traditional hardwood floors. This makes it perfect for high traffic areas like hallways, lobbies or commercial kitchens where there’s a lot of foot traffic that could otherwise cause scratches on the surface. Plus, with its non-slip microtexture coating you can be sure accidents won’t happen in these spaces either!

In addition to its durability benefits, epoxy flooring also offers a range of customization options so you can match the color scheme in your home or business perfectly. You can choose from solid colors or even add decorative flakes for an eye-catching design element that really stands out from the crowd!

With professional installation from an experienced team of experts at your disposal, booking an epoxy flooring service is one decision you won’t regret making!

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      Great work, polite. Responsive, and would definitely use him to do more flooring! Great job steve!
      Joe Bonnaroo
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      They did the most amazing job great prices professional and quick I would highly recommend them for any job in your house I love it
      Angela stephens
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      Steven installed over 1500 sf of hardwood flooring including subflooring and 300 feet of high quality vinyl flooring. He is very friendly, honest and very competitive price wise. Give him a call and he can work out a good price for all kinds of flooring
      G S
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